She's a WINNER!

I suppose it is backwoods to give you the results of the great news before I even told you the initial great news.  How did I not stop to tell you that Won't Ever Quit made the top 7 in the Jane's Joint Songwriting Competition??  I apologize for the late notice but we can still celebrate together!
The first great news was the nomination of Won't Ever Quit as a finalist the Jane's Joint Songwriting Contest, being held at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance).  There were over 70 submissions to the contest.  Outside judges narrowed it down to 12 songs that were all put on a compilation CD.  Then narrowed to the top 7 ~ including Won't Ever Quit and songs by Jessy Terry, Jenna Lindbo, Paul Pasch, Tall Heights, Beggers Ride & Caitlin Canty.  A do or die performance of the top 7 in Jane's Joint to take the cake... After a long and careful deliberation the 3 judges, Liz Freeman, Jon Stein, and Betty Friedrichsen proclaimed  WON'T EVER QUIT the winner!  (remember, all download proceeds go to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation)  Thanks to Jane Fallon for all her efforts coordinating this fun contest.

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