"Safe at Home" Daily Song Share

It started with a song on Facebook Live in solidarity with friends quarantined in Florence, Italy on March 13th. The great response made it obvious that we all needed a lift from the stress of the coronavirus. With that, I decided to do a daily Song Share. It has turned out to be a very fun and healing share. Sharing here for you to enjoy. They are in order from Song Share 1 ~ video quality DOES improve with every day, a learning experience! LOL .. ENJOY!! Join me LIVE at FIVE, Safe at Home daily song share, Joanne Lurgio FB Music page.

Some have asked...Some have insisted, so for those who are interested, Tips/Donations can be offered via PayPal to my email jmlurgio@verizon.net. I thank you for your concern, your kindness & generosity.  Happy to share what I can!  Take Care & Be Well <3

Dare I Say (We're All In This Together)

Better Times Will Come (Janis Ian)

SEVEN MINUTES DOWN (I Can't Breathe) By Joanne Lurgio R.I.P. George Floyd


Wonderful World (Thiele/Weiss)

CAN'T BREAK US DOWN (c) Joanne Lurgio

Got Nothing in My Suitcase (c) Joanne Lurgio, Rose Garden Coffeehouse Finals 2016

Marie (c) Joanne Lurgio Rose Garden Coffeehouse Finals 2016

Long Way From Home (c) Joanne Lurgio

Black Tie Event (c) Joanne Lurgio

Keep Love in Your Heart (c) Joanne Lurgio

I Feel Rich (c) Joanne Lurgio/Music on Main Stroll, East Greenwich, RI. June 23, 2015, by Bob Davis

Nothing Remains the Same, Unsung Heros hosted by Mardi Garcia

Won't Ever Quit , NERFA 6/1/2013

I Feel Rich, live at Roots, 2/28/13

I Am Who I Am, Roots,live at Roots 2/28/13

Wayfaring Stranger

Get it Right, Live at Roots 2/28/13

True Love, live at Roots 2/28/13

Something New, live at Roots 2/28/13

Won't Ever Quit, Live BCTH

Won't Ever Quit~ GG 5K performance 10/7/12

Red Crescent Moon