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Joanne Lurgio

Songs of Faith, Comfort & Healing

(official release August 18, 2019)



Believe me when I say Crossing Jordan is more than just a new recording project. There is no doubt it was a special calling for me to create some much needed peace & comfort in the best way I know how, through music; even its timing was beyond my control. When you get a “calling” you have to respond. Crossing Jordan is my response to that call. 

Wishing you Love, Peace & Comfort.



This album is dedicated to my mom,

Joan Ursula Pinelli Lurgio

As far back as I can remember my mom taught the importance of family, love, faith & God. She lives her faith every day and has instilled that faith in me.

I love You, Mom.  Thank You


Joanne Lurgio & Bryan Barrette, Photo by Erin X. Smithers

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Song Info & Lyrics

1. Crossing Jordan 2. Lord, You Have Come  3.Amazing Grace 

4. In The Garden  5. Fly Like A Bird  6.Take My Hand Precious Lord

7. Shepherd Me, Oh God 8. You Are Mine 9. Wayfaring Stranger

10. How Great Thou Art 11. Going Home 12. Where This Street And Heaven Meet




Joanne Lurgio, guitar & vocals

       Accompanied by ~ Bryan Barrette; piano & synthesizer

Basic tracks recorded LIVE at St Kevin Church, Warwick, RI



Aubrey Atwater, vocals (4,9,12), foot percussion (12)

Cathy Clasper-Torch, cello (11), violin (2,7,8,11)

Elwood Donnelly, vocals (4,9,12)

Pamela Lowell, cello (5,6,10)

Joe Lurgio, mandolin (9)

Joe Potenza, acoustic bass guitar (1,4,9)


CD Production Team

John Paul (Jack) Gauthier , Lakewest Recording, Producer/Engineer

John Mailloux, Bongo Beach Productions, CD mastering


Artwork & Graphic Design

Patricia Ann Almonte, original watercolor artwork

Erin X. Smithers, photographer

Mary Ann Rossoni, Second Story Graphics, graphic design