Worthy of Notes ..

Have you met Marie? 


"Marie" has literally been years in the making. Marie is a bittersweet song that represents my friends I have met while making music in the memory care units. I sure do miss them during these Covid days.

I have had the great honor & privilege to make music with friends I’ve met while singing in many memory care residences. I like to say, “we wake memories with music, 1 song, 1 hour at a time.” Marie represents many of the those friends all rolled up under the title, “Marie.” Marie got the title the day I was setting up to sing and her voice cut through the hustle & bustle, silencing the room when she loudly exclaimed, “.. and then my Mama said, Marie, now don’t you cry!”b

If you haven't met "Marie" before now, I'd like to introduce you to her in my new video. I am learning how to make videos, It is both fun and challenging .. a wonderful art. 

Marie was originally written in 2016, but she has waited patiently to be perfected until now in 2020. Proudly winning honors in 2016 with Honorable Mention, SolarFest Singer Songwriter Showcase, Manchester VT Finalist & Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition, Mansfield, MA

Bittersweet with much Love,  Marie, the video ... (click the picture)

Seven Minutes Down (I Can't Breathe) VIDEO 

Hi Everyone,

I am very grateful to have this video to share with you for "Seven Minutes Down" (I Can't Breathe).. Thank YOU to my friend for making it happen. 
The murder of George Floyd is a very tragic event witnessed around the world, turning into a global movement with a message of unity in acknowledging Black Lives Matter .... not more than anyone else, they matter just like everyone else, it is time we act like it! George Floyd's public murder was a tipping point for awareness and change. It is important to keep the message alive and be part of the change.  Have a look at the video! Share if you'd like.











Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness for ALL Americans.  Let's remember this as we are going into the 4th of July weekend. Much to be grateful for and much to celebrate yet CHANGES on the horizon.  America the Beautiful ~ God Bless America.

COVID19 is raging out of control in many states.. We can do this! Be SAFE, BE Well. Social Distance & Masks!! 

Have a happy & SAFE holiday!!  

Best Always, Joanne



#sevenminutesdown #justiceforgeorge #BLM #BlackLivesMatter 



Joanne Lurgio sings "Better Times Will Come"in a project by Janis Ian 

HI Everybody!

Back as promised. Last time I wrote I told you about the "Better Times Will Come" project with Janis Ian. My recording; video and MP3 have been included in this fabulous project and can now be  found on Janis Ian's website, you can find it at this link ~  Joanne Lurgio, Better Times Will Come (Janis Ian) ~ Please LIsten & Share! ENJOY and download for FREE. THEN after you listen to me, sit back and scroll through all the fabulous recordings, so diverse .. many interpretations in genres, media, countries! ALL FREE DOWNLOADS, you may even find a new artist to add to you list of favorites!  I know I have!

I am so thrilled and honored to be included in the project. We must spread the message of hope, "Better Times WILL Come"    

"Better times, better times will come. 
Better times, better times will come. 
When this world learns to live as one, 
oh, better times will come" Janis Ian

Thank YOU. Stay Safe! Be Well! Keep the faith.

Best Always, 




I am back to check in with you again. It's been a long road and while we are moving forward we are still not near the end. I sure miss being out making music and seeing friends & family. We are starting to see some business opening up in limited capacities; some music is being allowed outside, limited. My thoughts are with everyone suffering physically, emotionally, financially. Hard times for certain. I hope and pray you are well. 
I have a couple interesting musical things to share with you. 

First, I am excited to tell you that my newest song, "Seven Minutes Down"  was just selected in a John Lennon Songwriting Contest this week! A fun weekly "Stuck at Home" song contest. This is a wonderful honor. (CLICK the TITLE to listen) 
Seven Minutes Down (I can't breathe)  started writing when I heard the tragically sad cry of George Floyd calling out to his a mama.  It haunted me until it was complete. The song has been described as "Haunting yet Beautiful," a snapshot in time. 
It's been a difficult couple of weeks all across the US and even around the world. On a spontaneous whim I submitted the song just making the deadline. Needless to say, I was beyond THRILLED when I got the call; it IS quite a songwriting honor. 

The next cool thing. 
Anyone who has known me long enough knows I am a longtime admirer of singer/songwriter, Janis Ian, my music inspiration from back in my younger days. Well, recently Janis sent out a new song that she wrote dealing with the difficult times we are living with COVID19, "Better Times Will Come."  She stated wanted her words and message shared and invited people to record the song in all genres and all media forms with her permission. So I joined in and created a live  video on Youtube, Joanne Lurgio, Better Times Will Come (Janis Ian) Click link to view. 
To my surprised eyes, a few days after posting I saw a comment under the video from Janis, "Lovely!"  .. with a request to email her.  I was so excited. Of course, I caught my breath and got in touch. My video and Mp3 is going to be listed on Janis Ian's website along with others! I am so excited. It should be up soon. I will let you know  as soon as  it happens! This very cool!

Best to You & Be Well,



Checking in with my friends! 

Hello All.

Shame on me for not reaching out sooner. I am so sorry. It just hit me this morning, while I've been in contact with all my music friends via other media sources I never reached out here on my blog. I apologize. I hope you well or on the way to better. We have all have been living through some frightening, uncertain, stressful, _________ (fill in the blank), challenging times.

Three months in, are we used to it yet? May we never get used to "it," rather learn to live, survive and prosper best we can. My prayers & condolences to all who have lost loved ones, those who have been sick, confined, out of work, struggling, angry, sad. I also express my great gratitude to those who have been working in stressful, front line positions. I thank You.

My means of coping has always come through music. When all my music venues closed for music I sure missed playing, I was especially missing the mutual healing that comes from music. Which in turn led me to sing daily for anyone who will listen, hoping to bring a smile, a small ray of sunshine of hope .... one song at a time. See the story below as I have been offering a daily LIVE at FIVE , Safe at Home daily song share via Facebook Live,weekdays. It has been a lot fun and apparently welcomed by those who are missing much, missing each other. A small daily connection.  Joanne Lurgio Music Facebook

I have uploaded ALL the videos here on my website under the video tab & YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Today (May 22,2020) will be Safe at Home song share #53! WOW! That's a lot song shares!

I also wrote a new song, "Dare I Say (We're All in This Together) inspired by my own feelings during this pandemic, as well I recorded a Janis Ian song written for these times, "Better Times Will Come." Both can also be found on the video page. www.joannelurgio.com/video 

Enjoy! Please share with your friends! Hopefully we will soon be on our way back to some form of normalcy as the nice weather finally arrives!

Stay safe. Be Well. Much Love & Gratitude xoxo



***** "

Safe at Home" Daily Song Share It started with a song on Facebook Live in solidarity with friends quarantined in Florence, Italy on March 13th. The great response made it obvious that we all needed a lift from the stress of the coronavirus. With that, I decided to do a daily Song Share. It has turned out to be a very fun and healing share. Sharing here for you to enjoy. They are in order from Song Share 1 ~ video quality DOES improve with every day, a learning experience! LOL .. ENJOY!!

Thank YOU .. Happy New Year! 

As we prepare to close out this year, the end of a decade, there is so much to think back on; many great and memorable times, even with its twists and turns, setbacks and delays, “Life,” there so much I am grateful for and now much to be hopeful for in the New Year, this new decade ahead, 2020.

I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have cheered me on and supported Joanne Lurgio Music in one way or another, just being here. 

I am GRATEFUL for YOU: for friends coming out to shows, buying cds, sharing my music, for venues booking me to play, collaborations, friends inviting me to play and cowrites, DJ’s playing my songs! Grateful for finally getting Crossing Jordan released, to all those who helped make it possible and joined the celebration, the list is so very long!

Grateful for your friendship & support yesterday, today & always.

May this new decade be filled with new songs, music, family, friends, good health, joy, prosperity … much Love & Peace ❤️

'If, even for a moment, I can make you laugh, cry, think, remember or just forget the troubles of your day, then I have succeeded." jml

Happy New Year ~ CHEERS! SALUTE! Joanne xoxo ????❤️? 

IN THIS PLACE for you! 

Hi All ~ Now, we are officially in the Winter Holiday Season.   Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

Today is the 1st Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Christmas season, I share with you:

IN THIS PLACE, written last year for 'Hope for the Holidays' a very special cd project, local artists' original songs to benefit Izzy Family Room, Hasbro Children's Hospital.  
(c) Joanne Lurgio, Recorded by Tony Caramadre Phattones Studios  
Deb Keeling, violin & percussion  
Tony Caramadre, bass






A reminder! CD's make FABULOUS gifts. I have 4 to pick from: 

Crossing Jordan, Rise From the Storm, Nothing Remains the Same & Find a Dream...catch it if you dare.  Let me know what you need!

Also, Crossing Jordan merchandise is available ( mugs, Matted Handwritten Lyric Sheet, T-Shirts )  Contact me for details.

Looking for music for your holiday party or special event?.. I am waiting for your call :) 

All the best,



They are on their way! 

YES!!! Crossing Jordan is on the truck heading to my house!! I am so excited... FINALLY!! Looking forward to sharing. 

Hope you can join us for the CD release celebration! Sure to be a fun time.


we are so very close!! 

I am so excited to let you know I just a recieved this notice from Discmakers .. "Your Disc Makers project is in production, Joanne Lurgio - Crossing Jordan!!" 

YES!!  I can't believe I am finally here.  Crossing Jordan is planned to be delivered to my doorstep last week of July!! Many thanks for those who have waited so patiently, it won't be long now.

Reminder .. Official Crossing Jordan CD Release Celebration, Sunday August 18th  1-3pm, St Kevin Church, 333 Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI, Free Concert, Refreshments and Plenty of CDs will be available! 

How about a peek at the cover art?? The backdrop is a beautiful watercolor painting by Patrica Ann Almonte. Graphic Design by Mary Ann Rossoni, Second Story Graphics . ... OH!! I LOVE IT!! :)    Talk again soon, Joanne


Mark Your Calender! 

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to drop a note and to let you know that Crossing Jordan is moving right along.  Most of the recording has been completed, just some finishing touches to add in and we will be ready to start mixing.  I am so thrilled with what I am hearing.  In addition to Bryan on piano you will hear the voices and tapping of Atwater-Donnelly & John Procaccini Jr, the fabulous Joe Potenza on bass, Cathy Clasper-Torch & Pamela Lowell on strings, Joe Lurgio on mandolin & Mike DeQuattro on timpani. I can't wait to hear that final production and finally share Crossing Jordan with YOU!

In the meantime, I have booked a date for the Official Crossing Jordan CD Release Celebration.  It will be held Sunday, August 18, 2019, 3pm at St Kevin Church in Warwick, RI where we recorded the base tracks live!  Mark your calendar now before your summer dates fill up and plan to join in the long awaited celebration if you are in the area.  

I'll be back when there is more to share!

Best Always