I recently spoke with singer/songwriter, John Fuzek for an episode of his fabulous music podcast for Motif Magazine

   We talked about songwriting & inspiration, songwriters in the round, RI Songwriters Association (RISA) and more. Lots of laughs. It was a fun interview. John also included 3 recordings of songs I wrote for the RISA Songwriters in the Round series!!  

  I think you will enjoy it! Have a listen here!   Best Always, Joanne 

                 EPISODE #55 ~ JOANNE LURGIO, February 2, 2023 


KEEP HOLDING ON (c) Joanne Lurgio "When the burden feels too heavy and the thread you grasp is frayed, 'Please, Keep Holding On." Mental Health Awareness. You are NOT alone. (click the picture to connect to the song)


Thrilled to have co-written the theme song, "Unfinished Business" with my talented songwriter friends Dawn Kenney & Jeffrey Scornavacca for this new TV Series in production based on the book, "Unfinished Business" by author Tim Baker. Learn more about the TV project at BlindoggProductions to begin filming Spring 2021. 


UPDATED SONG/VIDEO; Nine Minutes Down ( I Can't Breathe)