11 days to Pre-Order .. Much Appreciated!

Saturday morning and I am catching up on Crossing Jordan.  Time is flying by .. we are down to 11 days to reach goal.  I am inching closer to my goal a little at a time every day. Currently at 62% to goal .. that is pretty darn good!  THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE PRE-OREDERED THEIR CDs and pledged toward my kickstarter goal, many fun rewards have been selected. EVERY PLEDGE is greatly appreciated!  I will be keeping all pledgers up to date on the progress of the project. I have already posted some pictures and Crossing Jordan song selections for those on board :D

As the days are ticking by .. I see there are some folks following along ...PLEASE hop on before the deadline, FEB 7, 10am!  I would hate for you to miss out.


REMINDER..  Kickstarter success is ALL or NOTHING.   I must reach my goal of $3330.00 in order to get your pledges and send out your rewards.  This is when the nerves start to fray .. LOL.  If you are on the fence .. hop over :) 

JOIN IN ... PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, CHURCH ORGS .. all those you think will enjoy music of Crossing Jordan  

That's it for now.  Again, Thank YOU! 

Keep Warm! I'll be back with more 


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