Been too long!

Seems I have fallen behind with my blog, "Worthy of Notes" . , my pledge to keep you informed through regular, "consistent" blogging .. I haven't done well at all! Please except my sincere apologies and lets see where I can pick up....
I didn’t meet my Spring 2014 CD release goal. More apologies; however, I assure you, it will be well worth the wait. Let me tell you, I am so thrilled with how this project is coming together … Every step of the way, every player, and every singer at the top of their game.
The final count is 14 songs, PLUS the Bonus Track, “Won’t Ever Quit” recorded 2012. That's a lot of songs.. but they all needed to be there!
It’s been a long process, so let me remind you of all the incredibly talented artists that have made music with us on RISE FROM THE STORM. How LUCKY am I!?!?
Marty Ballou,upright bass
Joe Potenza, electric bass
Dan Hann, drums
Mike DeQuattro, percussion
Joe Lurgio, mandolin
John Juxo, keyboard/accordion
Cathy Clasper-Torch, fiddle
Duke Robillard, guitar
Mike “Scatman” Sullivan, slide guitar
Vance Gilbert, vocals
Lara Herscovitch, vocals    
Marc Douglas Berardo, vocals
All under the fine guidance, production & engineering of Jack Gauthier.
Jack & I will now sit and listen to all the songs and mix them to perfection. Really, Jack mixes; I will  just sit next to him, watch and listen as he does what he does so well. Magic.
I will be working with MaryRossoni, Second Story Graphics to start designing the CD artwork.   Fabulous photos by David Lee Black.
We are almost there!
I promise to be back soon to keep you posted!

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