Won't Ever Quit ~ final mix complete!

An update on the progress of Won't Ever Quit. 
Let me start by saying, as an artist it is always such an amazing feeling to see your creative ideas come to life.  Admittedly for me, a roller coaster of…


Gloria Gemma Hope Bus visits the VA Medical Center

Some things feel so meaningful, i have to share.  So, I am doing so. 
Yesterday, I joined the Gloria Gemma Hope bus at the VA Medical Center in Providence as part of their Arts/Music Therapy .. such a rewarding…

Won't Ever Quit

I am pretty excited about a new project with the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation (GGBCRF) ~ I was asked to write a song that could be used to back a  video for the 4th Annual Gloria Gemma 5k…

After the House Concert

A special thanks to our hosts, Allysa & David Pasch, for this weekends house concert.  It was a wonderful evening of music with friends, family & fans ... new fans who stumbled upon us in a google search! 

Success ~ Healing Arts/Music Therapy ♥

Just a follow-up note on yesterday's music event with Gloria Gemma Music Program ~ it will be called  " Healing Arts/Music Therapy ♥ "  nice.
I am proud to have been a part of this kick-off to what i…

Giving Back with Music & Volunteering

Every day I say "I am grateful, I am blessed" ~ I have been blessed with a wonderful gift of music. a gift of song ~ I love to sing, I love to write; it feeds my soul.  Gifts are…

2012 Female Vocalist of the Year

I am so excited to receive the Motif Music award for Female Vocalist of the Year ... Many thanks and much gratitude for the support of my music ♥ I am grateful, I am blessed.
Congratulations to all…

Vote 2012 Motif Music Awards!

I was just notified I have been nominated for "Female Vocalist of the Year" Motif Music Awards... I have never won in this category & would LOVE to have your vote!! Please share with your friends, spread the word…

this new website

Working on this new website ~ please have patience with me as I try to figure things out   Thank you