Slow Awakening

Hi Everyone!

It has been quite some time since I checked it with the good news of "Unfinished Business " back in March. I am sorry for the lack of connection. I hope you are doing well. I finally…

"Unfinished Business" a TV series!

Hi All,

Something new, different and exciting to tell you about. I am thrilled to have co-written the theme song for a new TV series in production, based on the book, Unfinished Business by author Tim Baker. The song…

Have you met Marie?


"Marie" has literally been years in the making. Marie is a bittersweet song that represents my friends I have met while making music in the memory care units. I sure do miss them during these Covid days.

Seven Minutes Down (I Can't Breathe) VIDEO

Hi Everyone,

I am very grateful to have this video to share with you for "Seven Minutes Down" (I Can't Breathe).. Thank YOU to my friend for making it happen. 
The murder of George Floyd is a very tragic…



I am back to check in with you again. It's been a long road and while we are moving forward we are still not near the end. I sure miss being out making music and seeing friends & family. We…


Checking in with my friends!

Hello All.

Shame on me for not reaching out sooner. I am so sorry. It just hit me this morning, while I've been in contact with all my music friends via other media sources I never reached out here…

Thank YOU .. Happy New Year!

As we prepare to close out this year, the end of a decade, there is so much to think back on; many great and memorable times, even with its twists and turns, setbacks and delays, “Life,” there so much I…

IN THIS PLACE for you!

Hi All ~ Now, we are officially in the Winter Holiday Season.   Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

Today is the 1st Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Christmas season, I share with you:


They are on their way!

YES!!! Crossing Jordan is on the truck heading to my house!! I am so excited... FINALLY!! Looking forward to sharing. 

Hope you can join us for the CD release celebration! Sure to be a fun time.


we are so very close!!

I am so excited to let you know I just a recieved this notice from Discmakers .. "Your Disc Makers project is in production, Joanne Lurgio - Crossing Jordan!!" 

YES!!  I can't believe I am finally here.  Crossing Jordan…