Queen of Procrastination .. no more!

I am sure there is some explanation for why I have found countless things to do and reasons to put off getting my new CD together.  It is so long over due .. but NO MORE!  I have procrastinated long enough ..  I have plenty of music to be recorded and as a matter of fact I am working on the final selections as we speak.  I have listened to comments and requests from friends of Joanne Lurgio music and recently sent off some really rough cuts to Jack Gauthier of Lakewest Recording to have a listen to and help in the decision process.  If you remember, Jack engineered and produced my first album, Find a Dream... catch it if you dare.  I am excited to work with Jack again. 
It is going to happen .. sooner than later. 
If there is a song you want to be sure I include ... Shout Out
I will keep you posted as we move along with the project.
All the best,

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