Music never fails ...

Today when i arrived at the dementia unit a resident was cussin' out the refrigerator, she was yelling out things that made little sense as i was getting myself set up ... then she heard the strum of the guitar, she quietly turned and as if someone had flipped a switch she began singing along, "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy... "

As you know, I play music at various senior residences. I play in the "dementia" units. I started as a Hospice volunteer, it has grown since. At first i was apprehensive, unsure what to expect .. LOL ..  I am still unsure what to expect, but my visits have become a music highlight for me. 
Some residents remember me at each visit and are excited to realize we are going to make music today .. others I meet for the first time at every visit, "excuse me" she says, "you look familiar. have we met before?" I always smile and respond, "i am not sure, but is very nice to meet you. come join me while i play some music"

There's an Italian speaking woman. Today she wanted her picture taken with me, "Bella" .. she insisted on it.;  one of the staff members took our picutre .. She was very happy.  She was singing Italian songs i don't know .. then we all sang, "when the moon hit's your eye like a big pizza pie, that's AMORE!!" big grins across the room! I need to learn more Italian classics :D

Lots of dancing today .. danced as the staff gently held them up while they swayed to the Tennessee Waltz or stomped to King of the Road and She'll be Coming Round the Mountain...
Another woman, finished dancing and went back to her room returning with her Mother Mary statue . She prayed in gratitude of my music.. "Gracie, Gracie. Bless you"

There is also a younger woman, not much older than me. We used to work together many years ago. She lights up when the music plays. She loves to dance. She cannot speak. She doesn't know me.

Not everyone can join in... some just sit quietly in their chairs, others sleep. I believe the music still touches them in their quiet place.  
For the others, they sang, danced smiled & laughed, having a ton of fun.. if only for hour, they remembered the music. They were happy. I was happy. Today, I was so filled with joy i thought my heart would burst.

I am grateful .. I am blessed to have been given the gift of music to share and make this difference, even if it's only one hour at a time

Music never fails. Music is Medicine.  Music knows no boundaries. Music touches the soul .

I pray there will always be someone to sing music to your soul.

Joanne xo


  • Lisa
    Lisa canada
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  • Joanne Lurgio
    Joanne Lurgio
    Thank YOU for the beautiful reminder! This was from 2013, it still speaks of my music today. How I love this xoxo

    Thank YOU for the beautiful reminder! This was from 2013, it still speaks of my music today. How I love this xoxo

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