From this day forward ...

Once again, I am posting after the fact... but I have just recently learned i must do a better job with my blogging techiques!  How do I know this? I learned about the importance of blogging and keeping my friends up to date on what's going with me and my music on a 'consistent' basis ... "CONSISTENT" being the key word.  Obviously, I should be here when the excitement begins rather than summerize when it's all done.

That said ...
I want to tell you about the fantastic event that happened this weekend.  RISA (RI Songwriters Association) hosted a one day mini NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance ) conference at URI ( University of RI ) . This is big news for RISA, always the underdog in the music community.  We proved to be a quite an impressive team and put out a fabulous event.   
The day was filled with about 122 music lovers, workshops, performances, friends & food.  So, I confess, I attended a workshop which addressed marketing our music, BLOGGING was a topic of discussion
RISA Boad Members in attendance at the NERFA Conference.
Photo by Denise Maccaferri

The highlight of the day for me was to be chosen as one of the 10 juried Showcases to perform.  Submissions came from all over the US & Canada.  Because I was involved in planning the event i originally decided not to sumbit for a chance to play.. I changed my mind at the last minute .. Good thing I did!!  It is an honor to be chosen.  It is a step ahead for me..  It was a proud moment for me, for RISA .  Grateful for my friends Joe Potenza (on bass) & Mark Hadden (on sax) they join me for this special performance.  Things just keep falling into place, getting better with each day.  I am grateful  I am blessed.

From this day forward, I promise I will do my best to do a better job, be more infomative, more consistent and most of all HAVE FUN with my blog.
All the best,

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