Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Launch

HI All ~ 

UPDATE: Been working hard on my Crossing Jordan Kickstarter Campaign, getting ready for release.  It is ready to be launched.  I am excited to get it rolling. I've been having fun putting together all the rewards selections, I got a little carried away, there are 21 rewards to pick from.  My initial goal was to get started the beginning of December, but got delayed with tech issues and now we are much too close to the holidays, not a good to time for such a project. With that said, I am ready to roll and plan to launch the Kickstarter, January 8, 2019!  Keep a look out! Plan ahead ... maybe a New Year's Resolution to join in ... Kickstarter is a 30 day adventure, don't want you to miss out!  As always, I am very grateful for your support of Joanne Lurgio Music!  Thank YOU!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy New Year!  

Best, Joanne 


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