Change is ....

... a bag of mixed emotions. 
I am sharing some important music news... Today is a biggie for me .. more so, it is a big day for my son Joe .. Joseph Michael Lurgio.  An Environmental Scientist, Musician, member of the Three Tall Pines, Songwriter. ..
Recenty Joe left his job as an Environmental Scientist and today he packed the last of his belongings into his car, stopped in RI for breakfast with me & my mom, then headed out to start a great new adventure.  He's on his way to Nashville, TN where he will start a new job in the bluegrass music industry.  How fabulous is that!?  The car was packed tight .. His upright bass taking a good hunk of space.
I have always encouraged Joseph to do what he loves, follow his heart, find his passion. "If you can dream it, it can be yours" quote from my Find a Dream...catch it if you dare CD liner notes.  Joe is daring to find his dream!! YAY!  Not always an easy thing to do, especially in difficult times.   A long story short ~   the call of  was pulling him from a 'secure' job .. couple that with a fantastic job opportunity  and he is on his way to Nashville to work for IBMA, International Bluegrass Music Association. PERFECT!    This mother is so very proud and excited for he son's new adventure.  As long as I stay focused on those emotions, i won't think too much about how much I will miss having my son nearby ... weekend visits, music jams ... But these days we have things like Facetime & Skype, text messages, cell phones, facebook, to keep us connected.  
Looks like i may have to increase my visits to Nashville.  Afterall, I have music to make too
Good luck to Joe!
breakfastwithJoe      on his way

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